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Okay, so I updated this one a lot more than any other page...but I just wanted it to look a tad bit nicer than the others!!!!!
So far I dont have many stories, but if you do have stories to go on my page......PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! Dont hesitate to send them to me!!!!! I will love you for all eternity!!!! ^-^ I will add them to my page and let them know if you they are Lemons......However, please, no YAOI! I am not doing that.....I am not that gross!! Okay??? Thanks!!! SO far, I have only two, which I made!! Please enjoy them!!! Please E-MAIL ME and send me your FanFic today!! ^-^ *I will let you know inside the story if there is any bad language, etc...k? 

Sailor Moon FanFics

Gundam Wing FanFics
Defeat OZ
*not finished....*
This was last updated: 4.23.00

DragonBall Z FanFics


My FanFics
                     Below are some FanFics that I have created myself for everyone to view!! Please enjoy them!!!

Love,So Strong
This is a Sailor Moon FanFic

An Epic Romance
This is a Gundam Wing FanFic
*A tad skin and mild language

I do
This is a Sailor Moon FanFic...
*however to be continued

The Heero Saga
This is a Gundam Wing FanFic
*Mild language

Hey I won an Award for a great FanFic! The fanfic was Love, So Strong!!!!!!
Thanks a lot Katagillian!!!!!!!!!

There are more to come soon!!
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