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The Heero Saga
Started: April 20, 2000
Ended: April 24,2000
Created by: Meri *Me! Of course!*

Author’s Note: I hope you enjoy this story!!  It probably isn't the greatest in the world…and for those who wished that Relena died! Sry…but I didn’t want her too! hehe…Anyway, I am soon to make more…Please E-mail me and tell me what you think!!! Thanks!!! Maybe the next story I'll have Relena die for all those people out there who hate her guts!!! Yay! Okay? 

“Hmm? Where am I?” Heero wondered aloud as his eyes adjusted to the new light…*It seems so different from the Sank Kingdom, I wonder…*

His thoughts were stopped short as Relena casually walked in smiling with relief that he was awake.

“Oh’re up…” She smiled, but Heero had no intention in replying..He stared on, not even looking at her.

“I suppose…” He finally choked out a few words to satisfy her.

“Yea…you had a bad accident…I saw you fall out of your Gundam as it self destruct…” She tried to keep calm as his eyes widen.

“Why save me? I should have died…” He replied coldly.

“Well, I don’t want you to die…you still have a mission to complete…” She replied trying to smile.

“It was complete…” he snapped.

“Oh….sorry….how stupid of me….” She looked at him, he seemed like he was somewhere else in his thoughts not even to stop and thank her for saving him…but she knew that would never happen and to stop worrying….

“Well, I better go…” She finally called out…trying to get him to keep her  to stay…

“Yea….you better…” He smirked a bit, but stopped short as the doctor  walked in.

“Uh…umm…He….He….HeeR-O??? Uh…Umm….”


“Ah yes! Heero…your leg is a tad fractured so you are gonna have to stay in the hospital for 4 weeks, a month….I mean…” He smiled

“What!!?? A MONTH!!!???” Heero sat up immediately just wanting to strangle the poor doctor
to death.

 Relena couldn’t help but giggle a bit for the look on the doctor’s face was very frightening…

“I need out NOW!!!!!” Heero continued to shout.

“Uhhh…sorry! Can’t do that!” The doctor replied running out the door as Relena watched him go.

“Hey!”  Heero yelled to him.

Relena turned back around to see Heero up on his poor leg.

“Heero! You are suppose to be in bed…”

“I don’t care…Im leaving…They can’t keep me in here…” He replied hopping like a rabbit…

“Here let me help…” She smiled, but he shook her off

“I don’t need help…”

“Yes you do …. Now come on…” She grabbed hold on his arm and carefully placed it around her own shoulders supporting him out the door.


“Umm…Miss…what are you doing with our patient 098?” The nurse asked curiously.

“Taking him out…” She smiled and continued to walk carefully for Heero’s support.

“Miss, I think not…Patients are a not aloud out until the doctor says he or she is well…” She replied a little more stern.

“Well, nurse, he is better … and the doctor even said ‘so’, but he didn’t want to tell you cause you are such a terrible nurse…” Relena coldly replied walking Heero out the front entrance of the hospital.


“You didn’t have to do that…I could have easily blown up the window and jump out…” He commented.

“I rather you not do that…It was a whole lot easier this way…” She replied a tad worried.

“What’s with you?”

“What???” Relena stammered.

“You…you look worried about something…what is it?” He replied.

“Well, today I got a invitation from the Romafeller Foundation and I am worried about it….” She whispered to him.

“Oh…I see…”

“Yeah…Should I go?”

“Yes, of course! You are a princess, you know…you do have responsibilities…”

“Yeah, you’re right about that…”


“Hey Heero, nice seeing you well again!” Ouatre called to him as he limped in the door with Relena following him.

“Yeah…I should have died, though..”

Relena ducked her head in shame…*Here we go again!* she thought as Duo and Trowa joined Quatre in asking questions.

“Has OZ got new Mobile suits?” Trowa asked.

“Yes…However, I succeeded in blowing them up!” He smirked at his accomplishment.

“The OZ republic has been getting out of hand…” Ouatre started.

“Yea, their lies have been getting worse too!” Duos exclaimed shaking his head in dismiss.

“For the past few days, The OZ republic have been making announcements about how the world is going to be safe and that sooner or later peace will be here…” Trowa pointed out.

“That’s horrible…I can’t believe they would do such a thing…” Relena cried.

“Believe it sister!” Duo replied like a girl.

“Duo…Ouatre…Trowa…” Heero started.

“Oh, no! Another mission, here we go again!” Duo interrupted.

“We have a mission…The fall of OZ will soon happen…” He finished giving one of those looks to Duo.

“Where is WuFei? He should have been here by now…” Ouatre wondered aloud.

“I have no clue…but let’s go and kick some OZ ass!” Duo replied.

“I better go, who knows what could be happening at the Sank Kingdom!” Relena breathed as she started to go, but stopped suddenly.

“Umm…you guys…where is Heero??” she asked.

“He was here a minute ago…” Trowa replied.

“Oh god! Come on…let’s go find him!” Duo snapped.


“Welcome back Ms. Relena…” Pegan called to her as she walked up the steps to her huge school mansion.

“Thank you Pegan…” she replied.

“Umm…The Romafeller Foundation called…” He stuttered in saying.

“What’s wrong Pegan?” She asked as a gun was placed against her head.

“Ms.Relena…you must remain silent…” A man called out.

“Wha…??” She stopped as it jabbed harder in her head.

“Don’t make me use this…” He replied


“Okay, now where is that bastard?” Duo asked his fellow companions.

“I have no clue…first we are chatting and then he is gone!” Ouatre exclaimed half amazed at how quickly he could go without anyone noticing, not even Relena.

“There he is!” Trowa yelled out.

“Heero! Heero! Are you there??” Ouatre yelled

“Yes…I am…but I’d watch your backs, Mobile suits…” He replied as the Mobile Suits popped up firing at the new visitors.

“Oh shit! Hold on!!!” Duo yelled out.

As Heero fought, he received a message from an unsuspected soldier…

“Hello young Heero…I see you are working hard to defeat my Mobile suits…very good, I shall say you’re a boy…” he cooed gently.

“What do you want…..” Heero replied.

“I have a girl here…she is such a beautiful girl, a shame if she would die…don’t you think?”

“Relena….” Heero wondered aloud.

“Very good, Heero…you are smart, after all, for a young boy such as you!” He laughed.

“Heero!!!! Help me!! They…..” Relena cried from the background…

“Shut her up and send her to the dungeon!!!” The man yelled out.

“Let her go, she never done anything to you!” Heero snapped.

“Well, you have…and you know, if I can’t have you, I’ll have those who are close to you instead…” He replied and with that ended their conversation.


“I’ll get you for this Trieze!” Relena cried.

“Now, now, Princess…you don’t want to be all burnt up on your visit to hell!” He smiled.
“………” Relena was about to say something but paused in disbelief at what is just happening to her at this very moment.

*Help me, Heero!*  She thought as the guard took her to a prison cell.


“Guys, Relena has been captured by the Romafeller Foundation…” Heero finally spoke up after hearing all the shouts of happiness from his companions.

“What? Relena? Why Relena? Don’t they want you though?” Duo asked a tad awed of the upcoming events.

“No, it’s perfect Duo…” Ouatre started. “They are capturing Relena to use as bate, for they know Heero has a thing for Relena…” He stopped looking over at Wing Gundam.

“Ah…I see…so they think Heero has no choice, but to rescue his love from danger…right?” Duo replied smiling.

“Right…” Ouatre stared back over to Wing Gundam, worried.

“Well, let’s find out a way, first, to rescue her…” Trowa replied.

“Yes, let’s…” Heero commented flying off into the air.


“Here you go, Ms. Relena, a prison cell fit for a queen!” A soldier joked and tossed her in.

“That wasn’t funny, you know…” She remarked back.

“Hey! Don’t talk back to me, for I do have permission to shoot you for any reason what-so-ever!” The guard replied sternly.

“Oops! My mistake…” She curtsied while replying rudely.

“Women…” The guard grumbled as he shut her prison cell door.


“Relena…I’ll find you…” whispered Heero as the boys gathered around with WuFei, who had finally showed up from fixing his Gundam that was hit during a battle.

“Now, Heero, you go straight for the meat…Duo & I will be around outside with our Gundams firing at the Mobile suits…WuFei and Trowa, you guys will be hanging around the outside doors to kill whosoever tries to escape!” Ouatre pointed out as he showed each where to go on a map of the Romafeller Foundation.

“Now, as soon as Heero comes out with Relena…Duo & I will take our biggest guns and blow up Romafeller!” He ended in relief that they all agreed upon it.

“Ow…my leg…” Relena winced as she looked around her gloomy cell.

“Come on, Heero, hurry up!” She whispered.

Suddenly, the door swung open and in popped the ugly guard who made the horrible jokes.

“Here is your lunch, miss…” He cooed as he placed it on the ground. Happily, Relena moved over to see what was to eat…however, instead of a round steak or delicious corn or whatever she wanted, she got, a green slimy soup; she frowned at it and looked up at the amused guard.

“What is this stuff?” She asked tasting it with her spoon and turning green herself.

“Broccoli soup! Eat up! You’ll need it, besides you’re skinnier than a toothpick!” He burst into laughing at his own horrible joke again.

“Disgusting…” She whispered and pushed it out of her way.

“Not hungry, eh? Well, you will be sooner or later…so I would eat now before it gets cold…” He remarked walking out of the cell with a smirk on his face.

“Oh please…” Relena began as she again huddled up in the corner of her cell.


“Okay, guys…ready?” Ouatre asked.

“Yea! Let’s go!” Duo exclaimed.

The rest of the gang nodded in agreement and that’s when the most horrific adventure started.


“Im in!” Heero whispered loudly as he crept his way to the control room. “I see no sign of any soldiers…I think they all went after Duo & Ouatre…” He ended looking around a corner that showed a hallway of doors, tons to choose from.

“Got it Heero…Goodluck…” Trowa replied.

Heero continued to creep through the hallways lingering behind anything that could help him from being noticed by soldiers. *Where could she be?* he thought to himself as he opened each door carefully.


“Ms. Relena, there is trouble brewing…” The ugly guard whispered through the bars of the prison cell door.

“Oh … great…” She smiled, but acted as if it was a horrible thing going on. *Heero! You made it, please find me!*
“Miss…when it gets worse, we have to go to the basement..” He continued to talk as quietly as possible.

“Okay…” She was happy that he finished as he walked off. Carefully, she got up to go to the bars to look out and see if she could spot Heero before the guard spots him.

“Where are you?” She asked herself shaking from both excitement and from being afraid at the same time.


“Duo! Look out! Mobile suit!” Ouatre yelled.

“I got him!” He called out taking his scythe and slicing the Mobile right in half.

“Damn those Mobiles…they just don’t have enough…” Duo continued.

“You can say that again!” Ouatre cried.  As the battle of the two Gundams and a continuous group of Mobile suits fought on.


“WuFei…any other soldiers?” Trowa asked.

“No…I killed about fifteen…” He replied smiling.

“I killed about ten…there are more…but I think they are trying to get into Mobile suits and attach the Deathsycthe and Sandrock…” Trowa pointed out.

“I hope Heero is okay in there…” WuFei said aloud.


“Kuso! Where is she?” Heero wondered as he peered into another hallway that led to another bunch of doors.  “How many doors and hallways does this place need?”

“Sir! There are two Gundams outside and two younger Gundam pilots surrounding the building…but one is missing!” A soldier yelled out.

“Hmm…The one that is missing might be in here…Search high and low and don’t stop till you have him!” The man yelled.

“Yes, sir!”

“Man…this is not good…now they know Im here…” He whispered as the soldier took off towards the opposite direction. The older man, a general, was standing around looking back and forth, he didn’t move for quite some time.

“Come on…move, already!” Heero cursed quietly as he waited for the general to leave and go on. Then without warning, footsteps from down the hallway were coming his way!

“Shit, what am I suppose to do?” He looked up and saw a air vent. “Ah, I know…” With that, he climbed up and into the air vent.

“Sir! No sign of him…” The soldier yelled as he ran underneath Heero.

“Keep looking! Im going to visit the princess…” He replied walking off.

“I have to follow him…” With that Heero watched as the soldier took off again in search of him and then watched as the general was heading towards Relena’s cell.


“Ms.Relena…The general is here to see you…” The guard exclaimed through the bars.

“Oh great…” She whispered.

“Sir…Ms.Relena is in here…” The guard pointed out as he opened the cell door. An older man walked in with the look of death in his eyes as he peered at Relena, who was huddled in the corner of her cell.

“Ms.Relena, a pleasure to meet you…” He commented bowing politely.

“Yes…” She started as she got up to greet him.

“Please, no hand shakes…I have come to ask questions and I need the truth!” He snapped. Relena fell back against the wall as he crept closer.

“Tell me, Ms.Relena…” He paused. Relena could feel herself growing uneasy of this man…he seemed much worse than Trieze.

“Tell me…Is Heero a true Gundam pilot?” He finished. *What? What kind of question is that?* She wondered as she looked down.

“Well?” She knew he was growing impatient with her, but she couldn’t answer the question.

“I……I……” She stammered as he started growing angry.

“Answer the general’s question!” She heard the guard further back yell.

“I…I can’t…” She finally choked out.

“You what? You can’t tell me that?” The general drew his hands over to her neck as Heero ran in with a gun pointed at him.

“Heero!” She yelled happily as she tried to run to him, but the general grabbed her and held her back.

“I’ll kill her…” He yelled stumbling for his gun.

“No, you won’t…” Heero replied staring at him straight in the eyes.

“Heero! Please…” She gagged as the general pulled harder on her neck.

“Let her go…” Heero began.

“Do you really think I would?” The general sneered smiling. Relena kept quiet, but had her eyes on Heero the whole entire time. Heero who noticed her staring at him looked at her. They stayed like that for a little bit until the general started up again.

“Heero, give up now or watch Ms.Relena suffer…” The general huffed.

“No..” Heero replied still pointing the gun at the general who laughed at his reply.

“Oh, young boy…You know nothing!” He smiled, a cold smile; a smile to show he lost. The guard who was standing near by watched cautiously as Heero and the general stood in complete silence for a little bit.


“Trowa! There are no more soldiers!” WuFei yelled.

“No more?” That surprised Trowa.

“Yea…I just got a message from Quatre telling me that they killed them all, for they all were scared out of their wits and jumped in their Mobile suits trying to escape, but didn’t quite make it!” He smiled with relief.

“Where is Heero?” Trowa wondered. “Let’s go! I have an uneasy feeling…” With that, Trowa and WuFei ran in, in search of their friend.


“Hey! Where is Trowa and WuFei going?” Duo asked a little upset.

“They are probably going off to search for Heero! He hasn’t come out yet! I hope everything is all right…” Quatre replied.


“Now, Ms.Relena…who is this Heero?” The general asked jabbing the gun in her head harder. Relena looked over to Heero. He looked back. *What am I going to do?* She wondered to herself…

“Answer me!!!” He yelled louder.

“I don’t know!” She cried. That made the general really pissed.

“Damn you Ms.Relena!” He cried throwing her to the floor. “Die!”  He reached for his gun aiming at Relena on the floor.
“No!” She cried. Before she could move and run for her life the sound of a gun shot made her look over to Heero, who stood silently looking at the general. She immediately turned her head to the general who was falling from the shot.

“Damn it! General!” The guard yelled.

“Heero?!” Relena looked back over to see Heero about to pull his trigger to kill the guard. He stopped to look over at her…his eyes sincere and full of power.

“Go to hell!” The guard cried pulling out his gun and firing it at Relena. She turned to protect herself as the bullet went through her arm and she fell in pain.

“Relena!!!!” Heero cried firing constantly at the guard who fell dead to the ground next to the general who was still half-alive, but was unconscious.

“Heer…Heero…” She whispered looking up at him, as he comforted her.

“Relena…don’t go…” He replied as Trowa and WuFei ran in.


“Heero? Relena?” Trowa yelled in shock.

“Come on, we have to get out of here!” Heero cried picking up Relena who was now unconscious.

“Are you okay Heero?” WuFei asked as they ran towards the exit.

“Yes, but we need to get Relena to a hospital and fast!” He cried running as fast as he could go.


“Hey look! Heero….Trowa….WuFei! Wait a minute…is that Relena??” Duo cried.

“Yea…she must be hurt! Come on quickly…let’s get rid of the Romafeller Foundation once and for all!” Quatre exclaimed. Before anyone could stop them, both, the Deathscythe and Sandrock opened fired on the Romafeller Foundation bringing it to its death, finally.

“Alright!” Duo yelled with happiness.


“Heero! Glad to see you alright…” Quatre cried running to him, but noticing that he was still holding Relena.

“Relena?! What happened??!” Duo asked surprised.

“Tell you later…but right now, we have to get her  to a hospital!” Heero cried.

“Alright…let’s go!” Trowa replied.


The next few days, Relena got better…she was still unconsious, though. However, everyday Heero and the GW gang would visit in hopes that she would soon wake up! Finally, she awoke to see Heero right next to her.

“Heero…” She whispered.

“Relena…you're awake…” He replied with a smirk on his face.

“Glad to see you up Ms.Relena!” Duo cried happily.

“Thanks Duo…” She smiled looking around.

“We defeated the Romafeller Foundation…” Quatre replied looking down at her.  “We did it!”

“Oh! What wonderful news!!!” She cried in a whisper, but started coughing hard.

“Ow…careful there Ms.Relena…” Trowa replied smiling.


After a week, Relena was out of the hospital on her own once again.

“Ah…it is so peaceful now that the Romafeller Foundation was defeated.” She murmured to herself.

“Yes…” Heero replied.

“Thanks to you, Heero, the earth is at peace again!” She smiled at him getting closer.

“….” He was silent and just looked at her.

“Heero, I personally want to thank you…” With that, she kissed him gently on the cheek.

    ~* The End *~

Well I hope you enjoyed that story!
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