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*~§ailor M's Moon Castle*~
        Hello! Welcome to §ailor M's Moon
Castle! My name is Mary and I created this page
for everyone to visit!! Please, do come in and
enjoy your stay while it lasts!!! ^-^ Also, please
do sign my guestbook!! I love to read who visits....
Oh yea!!! I have finally updated my page,
hopefully it is a lot better than the last!! ^-^ I am
trying to make it look a lot easier to view and to find pages!
Please send me comments at what you think!! Thanks!
Wanna find the info to each Sailor Scout???
Below are to following places to go!!!
Enjoy them....

Lita! She is my 5th favorite!--------------------------->Sailor Jupiter

    Mina! She is my 4th favorite!-------------------------->Sailor Venus

Raye! She is my 6th favorite, yes, I know, the least!------------------------------>Sailor Mars

Rini! She is my 3rd favorite!----------------------->Sailor Chibi Moon

Serena! She is my 2nd favorite!!----------------------------->Sailor Moon

        Yes I know Sailor Mercury isnt in the list! Why?? Well, she is my 1st favorite, so that leads me to a shrine of her!!! Please check it out, when you get the chance!! Thanks!!!
       Those are just some, but hopefully I will sooner or later add more, such as Tuxedo Mask, maybe even the Enemies!!! ^-^

The Lastest News:

Hello, and welcome to §ailor M's Moon Castle News! If you read on, you will find out what is new or what will *hopefully* come soon!!
*4.9.00 - I have won 3 awards, 2 today and 1 that was in March sometime! Please check out 'Awards I Won' section to check them out! **However, one will be found in my fanfics section!!! I have also, updated this whole entire page to make it look as it is NOW ... I hope you like it this way, I sure do!! ^-^ I have also added another FanFic, except, for it is not a Sailor Moon one! It is a Gundam Wing one, and I do hope you enjoy it!!! ^-^ That is all for the updates for now! Please come back, for I will hopefully update sometime soon!!
Last of all, I am sry for such delays...I hope not to do that as much...but thanks to school, I have been getting plenty of Homework to keep me busy all day!! Thank you for being patient! ^-^
**Please note that I didnt update my other pages, so the writing is bigger than this! I have no need to do so either....but I just wanted to let you know!!**

*4.12.00- I didn't update too much...all I did was add the Gundam Wing Castle!! Please check it out!! Thanks!!! ^-^

*4.14.00- Yea, I know I didnt add much again...but as you can tell I updated my Gundam Wing castle a lot more!  Check it out....Also, sooner or later...I am going to have an Updates page!!! Hey!! I also updated the Outer Senshi castle!!!! Check it out too!!!! Thanks!!!

This page was last updated : 4.14.00
Below is some places where you can go!!
Please enjoy them!!! ^-^
§O§--Save Our Sailors

The Love of Serena & Darien


                             There are *hopefully* more to come! ^-^
The Sailor Mercury Shrine


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Oh wow! Check this out! I created an Outer Senshi Page! Just that one thing, it is still under Major Construction! I hope to get it up and running soon!! However, if you do want to take a look at how it is coming.....Go ahead and visit! Let me know what you think of it!!!!!
The Outer Senshi Castle

Oh look!! Another page that I have created...It looks pretty much the same as the Outer Senshi Castle, except that it deals with Gundam Wing, however, there isn't anything to do!!! ^-^ You can take a peek at how it is coming...and once it is up and running...I will have it under 'Join my Club---§M§'!
My Gundam Wing Castle

My Note: just to let some know, please do not take away some of the graphics, such as the Background and my awards and the award that you can win!! Plus the Adoptions and etc....anyway, you can find some of these graphics by going to the *links* section!! Just please, do not take the following I have mentioned!! Thank you!! Also, please do not sue me, for this is a fan site for those who enjoy Sailor Moon! I cause no harm to Sailor Moon and the creators!! Thanks!

Oh no! I am so sry to cut short on my page, but I have nothing more to do or say! Please bookmark me and visit again when *hopefully* there are more to check out and see!!!! Thanks again for not hesitate to come back!!!!!
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