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*~§ailor M's Outer Senshi Castle*~
            Hello and welcome to §ailor M's Outer Senshi Castle! My name is Mary and I created this page for you to see and visit! ^-^ Okay, okay....I decided to update this one too! ^-^ Maybe Ill have a hissy fit and update the rest whenever I get the chance!!! Oh well, for now, nothing new just the same old stuff if you have been here before! I am *hopefully* to create a Sailor Neptune Shrine, since she is my favorite sometime soon! For now, please just look around and see how it is coming! I do hope you like it! Please come again!!!
The Latest News:

*4.10.00- Hello! I am sry for such delays in making up this castle, but school as you may know has kept me plenty busy these past few weeks-n-all. Plus, I am trying to get straight A's! Okay, enough of me and my school. I have to hopefully get more stuff in by the end of the month, if not, wait longer! ^-^ Thank you for being patient!!!!

If you have any comments, or questions, etc.....Please E-MAIL ME and let me know!!!
This page was last updated : 4.10.00

These are all the pages I have for now!!!
Enjoy them!!!!!

Sailor Uranus

Sailor Saturn

Sailor Pluto

My Sailor Neptune Shrine


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I am sry to cut short, but this is all I have so far!!!!!
I hope you enjoyed the design and the hard work that is has been placed into such a TINY page!!! ^-^
Please come back and visit soon!!!!
Thank you!!!!!

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