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*~My Wing Castle*~
         Hello! Welcome to my Wing Castle...Yea, I know,
it isn't the greatest you probably have ever seen. But I did make it to
interest thoughs, who do like Gundam Wing! Thank you very much! ^-^
Anyway, I just started this page and I hope you enjoy it a lot....thanks for
visiting...please sign the guestbook before you go!!!! ^-^
If you are wondering why I added this poem, Snowflakes, to my Wing Castle, is because
it reminds me of the Gundam Pilots! ^-^ They are all different and in some way, they all
end up together fighting against OZ! ^-^
Does that explain it good enough for you???
This poem was made by Sailor AmyRules! Do Not COPY it!!!!

by Kit

Snowflakes falling, gently to the ground
Each one is different, each one unique
Like people, so special, in each and every way...
At least, we start out that way...
Snowfakes are different when they start out
But soon as they touch the ground...
They blend with other snowflakes
And are no longer different.
But if you look close, and lean to the ground,
You'll find that there is still something special in each
and everyone.

The Latest News:

4.12.00- Yea, I know, I got a Latest news thing for almost every single page...but hey! It helps you keep track at what is going on around here! ^-^ Anyway, I just started this page so it is a tad still under major construction! For now, Ill only have pretty much this and a few other things...k??
Thank you for viewing how far it looks! I am *hopefully* going to work on it a lot more sometime soon! k? Thanks again for coming...enjoy...whatever there is to enjoy!! hehe...

  4.14.00- Wow!! ^-^ See how far I came in just 2 days!!??? Haha! See I told you Id update as soon as I can!!! ^-^ *sticks out tongue* Now you can ENJOY whatever I added to enjoy!!! haha!!!! I crack myself up! *no...Im seriously not like this...k?* Cya!! Sign my Guestbook too!!! ^-^

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                4.16.00- Hello! I am sry for nothing good to look at...but I just wanted to get everything up...but not running! Anyhow, I updated as much as I could! Now you can at least go into some of the pages...k?? Also, I am going to get my own link to this page, since I do not want it on my Sailor Moon Page!! Please make sure for now on to go to: It shoud be there if you go there now...this is the last week that this will be here and I am getting rid of it and you will have to check it out for now on over at this following link! k???

If you have just entered here from not the castle, please read below:
                           Welcome to my Wing Castle! Please enjoy your you may already know my castle is still under major construction, but I will work on it as time goes by!! I hopefully to have more up soon!! Please read the past updates to see what you have missed!! k?? Thanks!!!

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