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                    Hey! Welcome to my Links page! Below are my FAVORITE places to go! So please visit them and tell them what you think of their page!!! =) Cya!!
                **I updated my LINKS list!! Please check out these really cool sites that I found while searching through the internet!!!!!! Hehe...**

The List:
Here is my 1st favorite! I visit it often!
It is called --- The Sailor Moon Hideaway

My 2nd favorite place to visit is:
She has a great page that you just have to see!!! It has hard work and dedication written all over it!! This is one page that you have to visit!!!
Visit Sailor AmyRules Sailor Mercury Homepage!!!
My 3rd favorite site to visit is:

This is a wonderful page that is filled with hard work and dedication to Usagi and Mamoru!!! Visit this today!! =)
Wanna Link to me????
Just use this Logo below!!
*Thank you Sailor AmyRules for making it for me!!
I love it a lot!!*
All you have to do is link it back using this URL:

More Links to check out:
I found this one page and I thought it was sooooooo cool!!! You gotta take a look at this one!!

I also found this one page, which I thought had a *LOVELY* layout...quite good...! You should check it out!!! hehe...

Look!! Another favorite site!!!! Man, these people in this LINKS page have such AWESOME sites, I swear!!!! oops! Not swear...but promise!! hehe...^-^ Check out this one!
These are all the sites for now! Come back when I have more!!
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