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Love, So Strong...
*This story started March 20, 2000
*ended--March 22,2000
*created by--Sailor M 
Part One
        "Oh, my Edymion, my dearest Edymion! How long have I waited to hold you!" Young Princess Serenity whispered out into space as she peered through the window at the Earth below.
        "Serenity, Serenity? Where are you?" Luna called interrupting her thoughts.
        "Over here Luna" she whispered.
        "Serenity, you know you shouldn't be here, gosh, who knows what could have happened to you!" Luna blurted.
        "Oh Luna, I's just my heart! It's as if it controls me! I am dieing to see my precious Edymion. If only those wretched soldiers would leave him in peace!" Serenity closed her eyes and a tear gently streamed down her face.
        "Oh Serenity, I know your love for Edymion is strong, but there are rules that you must follow..." Luna replied
        "Luna!! I can't take it!! Those idiotic rules are screwing with my heart! I'm going to see Edymion!" she cried running off towards her room.
        "Serenity, don't! It's too dangerous!" Luna cried.
    However, Serenity's heart gave in and soon Serenity was in her room searching for the Moon Key, in which she used to transport her from the Moon to anywhere she pleased! Soon hidden in her tiny jewelry box she found the Moon Key!
        *Now my sweet Edymion! I am going to be seeing you soon!* she cried inside herself over and over.
        "MOON...KEY...POWER!!! TAKE ME TO THE EARTH!!!" she yelled out.
        "Serenity!! NO!!" Luna cried flying through the portal in which Serenity flew through.
        "Luna! No! You'll ruin the transportation! It can only carry..."
   A big bolt of Lightning struck around Serenity and Luna....
        "Edymion! Edymion!" she cried.
        "Serenity!! Help me!" Luna cried "Someone has me!!"
        "Luna! Hold on! I'm trying to get Edymion!!" Serenity cried grabbing hold of Luna's paw.
        "Argh! Serenity, I'm slipping!!" Luna screeched.
        "Luna, I got you, I won't let go!"
  With that Luna's paw slipped out of Serenity's grip and a big bolt of Lightning struck Serenity as she cried out
        "Luna!!! LUNA!!!!"
  Luna who was still grabbed hold by someone watched in horror as Serenity burned bright with light.
        "Serenity!!!! SERENITY!!!!!!!!!!" Luna cried.
Part Two
        "Serena? Are you okay? You had a big fall there!" Raye exclaimed.
        "Hmm? Who are you?" Serenity cried.
        "Very funny Serena..." Raye cried "Now come on or you'll big late for your big DATE!"
        "No!! Unhand me!! I am Princess Serenity! I am in love with Prince Edymion!!" Serenity cried "And my name is not Serena!"
        "Okay, Serena, you're scaring me!" she replied.
        "Hey Buns!" A manly vioce caught in her mind.
        *Edymion??? Is that you?* she wondered as she turned around facing a handsome man with deep blue eyes and black hair.
        "Edymion!!!!!!" she cried running up to him and hugging him tight.
        "Woah! Easy there's nice to see you too!" he joked trying to get her off from the tight grip.
        *Why is everyone calling me Serena and Buns? Who are they? Where am I? Is this the future Earth Luna told me about?? Oh no!!! I hope she's okay!!* Serenity thought to herself.
        "Serena........Serena......come on, Lita, Mina and Ami are waiting for us!" Raye cried grabbing Serenity by the arm and dragging her away from Darien, whom she called Edymion.
        "See you tonight, sweetcakes!" Darien called to Serenity.
        "Edymion!!!" Serenity cried reaching out into the air.
        "Gosh Serena, what's up with you!? Just a few minutes ago you couldn't stop talking about Darien and now you're staying stuff like you're a princess!" Raye exclaimed.
        "That's what I am! I am Princess Serenity from the past! Don't you believe me at all?"
        "Oh yea....sure...." Raye laughed.
        "Who are you??"
        "Well, okay....If you want to play, I'll join!" Raye cried out.
        "I'm not playing, who are you!?" Serenity cried.
        "I am Raye, or as you may know, Sailor Mars!" she replied.
        "Sailor Mars??? You're okay!!!! Oh my gosh, you're alive!!! I've missed you soooo much! How's Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus??"
  Raye stopped and stared hard into Serenity's eyes.
        "Fine..." she hesitated.
        *Who in heck is this girl? In Serena's body!! My gosh!*
        "Oh, that's good! I can't believe you lived through Queen Beryl's Tornado!" Serenity exclaimed as she started crying and ran to hug Raye.
        "Hello!" a kitty voice rang out.
        "Hmm?" Serenity wondered as she let go out Raye and turned around to see a black cat with a Moon Cresent on its forehead.
        "Luna!! You're alive!!" she cried picking up the kitty and squeezing it tightly.
        "Yes....Serena.....I am.......Now.....LET ME GO!!!" she cried.
        "Oh...sorry! hehe..."
        "Serena!! Let's go!!" Raye yelled dragging her. "You've wasted enough time, thank you!"
        "Luna!! It's me!!! Princess Serenity!! Don't you remember me???? Luna!!!" she cried as she was dragged along by Raye.
        *What!? Princess Serenity?? Alive!? The last time I saw her was when she was being burned by the lightning which struck her! It was all my fault!!!!! If only she heard Edymion who was holding my leg at the time! Oh! That was such a horrible night! She died and soon Edymion died from a broken heart whom he turned into Edymion! Maybe.....OH my gosh!!* Luna thought to herself as she took the shortcut to Darien's apartment.
Part Three
        "Darien!! Darien!!" Luna cried out.
        "Hmm? Oh, hey there Luna, what's all the buzz? Is Meatball Head getting to you again with her whining?" joked Darien.
        "OH no! Not that at all!" It's worse!!"
        "Hmm...something worse!? Than Serena's whining??? WOW!"
        "Darien....Serena is Princess Serenity!!!" Luna exclaimed breathless.
        "Don't say anything, let me explain first! I saw everything from both, the past and future! Do you remember, a long time ago, when Serenity was transporting from the Moon to the Earth by using the Moon Key?" Luna shook and almost started crying as she spoke.
    Darien nodded his head and whispered
        "Yes...I do remember, I heard her calling for me in my head and took off with the Moon Key she gave me, and I remember grabbing your leg, yelling her name as loud as I could, and I...."
        "Yes Darien, I's hard for you to bring up such a tragic thing, but I promise you, she is back!"
   Luna jumped onto Darien's lap and quietly cried with happiness.
        *Serenity, in Serena's body, has returned?? My sweet Serenity, how I have missed you so!!*  Darien thought to himself.
        "D...Darien??" Luna whispered.
        "Yes Luna?"
        "Go to her Darien, bring her out to her true self!"
        "How Luna? How?"
        "You must go to her in front of the Scouts and call to her heart!"
        "Okay Luna....I'll try!"
Part Four
        "Hmm...Serena are you a pure white or a perky pink?!" Mina thought a loud.
        "I do like white, but what am I doing?" Serenity asked.
        "Now how many times have we told you Serena..." Lita started.
        "Er...Serenity that you are going on a date with Darien..."
        "Okay, okay! Chill girl!"
        "Ami, do you know what's up with Serena lately?" Raye whispered to Ami on the other side of the room.
        "I'm not sure Raye, however, we do know that this is not the Serena we do know....Look, she hasn't even touched the muffins that Lita made especially for her!"
        "Yea, she said something about being to fat and look at her, she is skinny as a toothpick...we defiently know that this is not the Serena we know!" Raye whispered back even more surprised than she was in the beginning.
        "Hey, Ami, Raye! Come here, we need your expert advice on the makeup, me and Lita, chose for Serena!" Mina cried.
        "Okay, let's see her!" With the spin of the chair, out came the beautiful Serenity!
        "Woah!" Raye jumped.
        "Like it?" Lita asked.
        "Yes, it's wonderful!" Ami cried.
        "Do you think it's too much for her? Especially on the lips?" Venus pondered.
        "No....She's beautiful, my sweet Serenity!" a man called out.
        "Edymion?? Is that you???" Serenity cried.
        "Yes, my love, it's me, Edymion!!"
 With that, the shadow of Darien walked through the door with a tuxedo on, but no mask!
        "Oh my Edymion!!!"
        "Umm...excuse me Darien, what are you doing here? Saying that you are Edymion?" Raye asked half stumped.
        "Getting my Serenity back! My only love for soooo long!"
        "Oh gosh, I think he hit his head too!" Raye whispered to Ami.
Part Five
        "Edymion, where were you the night I called for you of the...."
        "Serenity, I was there! I yelled out your name as loud as I could, but you didn't hear me! I'm sorry Serenity! Forgive me!" Edymion cried.
        "Edymion, I forgive you! I love you! I don't want to lose you again!" Serenity exclaimed and with that, they both kissed each other under the moon.
 All of a sudden, Serenity and Edymion's spirit started coming out of Serena and Darien's body....they glowed with white light of the moon, still kissing, they vanished into thin air!
Serena and Darien stopped kissing....
       "Oh my gosh! I hope I look okay!! OooOoo...I'm gonna..."
        "Hey Buns..."
        "Shut up..."
  With that Darien kissed Serena on the lips.
The End...
        "Luna?" Raye whispered.
        "Yea?" sniffed Luna.
        "You got any tissues?" Raye cried.
        "Because, Lita, Ami, Mina and I are crying from this romantic ending!"
        "Nope...sorry!" Luna replied crying once more..
        "Okay..thanks!!" Raye cried out.
        "Hey Darien?"
        "Yea Buns?"
        "Ummm...can you try to explain to me at what all happened today?"
        "Sure...on our way home!"

        Well that was my story! What did you think of it??? Was it good??? I hope you enjoyed .... cause it took me a while to finish it...even though it may seem short, on paper it is 7 pages front and back!!! ^-^ Well, if you want to add it to your page all you have to do is E-Mail me!!! K?? Thanks for coming!! I hoped you enjoyed my story!!! cya!!!!
        **There are more to come later!!
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