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~*Sailor Pluto*~

                                Hello and welcome to the page of Sailor Pluto, who is my 3rd favorite!! ^-^ I hope you enjoy the info that I place on this page...even though it is not much!!! ^-^

Birthday: October 29, 1974
Japanese Name: Meiou Setsuna 
Meaning: King of Dead

Height: 5'6"
Fav. gem stone: Garnet
Sailor Pluto is one of those girls, who like to be isolated and not to come out until desperate situations! ^-^ However, she is a Outer Senshi!! A very cool one at that, just like Sailor Neptune!! *my opinion!*
*The reason I like her is because the way she is...she seems sooo cool and nice and Id love to be her friend!!!! ^-^

Thanks for coming!!
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