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§ailor Chibi Moon
                                    Hey! Welcome to the page of nothing but Sailor Chibi Moon! Or
        also known as Rini!!!!

Sailor Chibi Moon (Rini) The young princess Serenity!
Birthday: June 30, in the 2000's
Japanese Name: Chibi-Usagi (Chibi-Usa)
Meaning: Small Rabbit
Height: 3'5"
Fav. gem stone: Diamond

                      Sailor Chibi Moon is one of those stubborn, shy type of girl! She is just like
            Sailor Moon, for they are related in many ways!! *long story!* ^-^ She wants
        become a lady...tall and elegant in the future!! ^-^

                *The reason I like her, becuz she is like no other little girl on this planet they
       call Earth!! ^-^ She is those brave, yet fearful girls that fight evil, along with Sailor
    Moon and the Scouts!

                        Chibi Moon Power all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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