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§ailor Jupiter

                            Hey! Welcome to the page of nothing but §ailor Jupiter! Or also
                        known as Lita!! ^-^

Sailor Jupiter (Lita) The princess of Jupiter!
Birthday: December 5th
Japanese Name: Kino Makoto
Meaning: Wisdom of Trees
Height: 5'6"
Fav. gem: Emerald

                Lita is the one who loves to cook out of all the Scouts. She is the brave type
        who never gives up! She is the one who likes to kick some major Villian butt!!! ^-^
      *What I like about her, is becuz she never gives up her dreams....she keeps on trying!!

                    Jupiter Power all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ^-^

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  This is a Cresendo! *not sure of the name though! hehe...sry!!