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§ailor Mars
                               Hey! Welcome to the page of nothing but §ailor Mars!! Or also
                    known as Raye!!

Sailor Mars (Raye) The princess of Mars!
Birthday: April 17, 1978
Japanese Name: Hino Rei
Meaning: Spirit of Fire
Height: 5'3" 
Fav. gem stone: Ruby

                    Raye is the rude, yet sweet type of girl! She can become very impatient
            when Serena is dragging behind...however, she is a very brave fighter! She would
        like to be a head priestess when she grows up! ^-^

            *The reason I like Raye, is that she is not like any other Sailor Scout...she can
      be the rudest...yet, she has this attitude that turns you on and makes you like her!!

                                            Mars Power all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!

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