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§ailor Mercury
                                Hey! Welcome to the page of nothing but §ailor Mercury! Or also
                known as Amy!!!

Sailor Mercury (Amy) The princess of Mercury!
Birthday: September 10, 1978
Japanese Name: Mizuro Ami
Meaning: Friend of Water 
Height: 5'2"
Fav.gem stone: Sapphire

        Amy is the smart, shy type of a girl! As I heard she has at least an IQ of 300! She
    is a brave Scout that fights for her friends, just as the rest do! Her dream is to become
        a doctor!! Now this girl is "cool!" hehe...she is also, one of my favorites!!!!

    *The reason I like her is cuz she is just like me, everyone at school always says Im too
         smart! ^-^ I feel special...and Amy is pretty much like me, except, I dont fight evil
    and I dont have an IQ of 300!!! ^-^

                            Mercury Power all the way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  This is "December" *from Anatasia! ^-^