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§M§--§ailor Moon §pirit Club

                            Hello! Welcome to §M§....§ailor Moon §pirit Club!!!
        Wanna join? Great!! All you have to do is follow some rules and you are on your own!! It is that easy!! ^-^ 
                                Here is the OFFICIAL club Membership thingy!!!

Isnt it pretty?? Hehe...sry if it looks bad, but I did try my best to make it look really nice! It took me a long time too! Well, The face anyway!! ^-^
Now all you have to do is Tell me the following:
1. Your Name
*dont worry about the date...Ill write it down when I recieve the e-mail from you!!!*
2. Why you want to join! ^-^

                    Now follow these rules and you are on your way to being a newer member!

                                       1.Make sure your page is Sailor Moon
                            2. Do Not say this is your club!!
                                3. You must link back to me!!!!
   That is it!!! all you have to do is e-mail me!! Dont forget to include your name and web address!!!!!! ^-^ Ill add you to my members section!!!! k??? Thanks for joining!!!!!!!!!!

                                                *E-mail Me!*
      The next page is all the members that Joined! ---> CLICK HERE!

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