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§O§! §ave Our §ailors!!!

        Hey everyone! Welcome to my §O§ page! Below are some reasons why you should Save Our Sailors!! K? I also, personally made my own! They suck though, compared to most peoples SOS Logos!! =( But I did try my best!! If you would like to save mine to your page....go on ahead.....please, though, let me know if you are using it so I can put your address on a page or just to say "OKAY!" hehe...Thanks again!! Remember: Save Our Sailors!!!! ^-^

                     These are  my little §O§ Logos!!!! Enjoy them and if you want them on to your page!!!!! ^-^

Here is another one I made.....They may be a tad yucky looking, but I did try my best!! Please understand that...hehe....

I like this one better....why? Becuz you can read it a whole lot better, and it isn't icky as the other one!!!

Below is the §O§ Logo that I got from their site!!!
Below the image is the link!!! K??
Please CLICK HERE to visit §O§
Help out and Remember:
The Sailors need our help this time!!! 
Thanks for visiting!
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