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The Story of BrownSugar

                        Now before you, is NOT A TRUE STORY! Just a made up for fun!! Got it?? Good!! However, Holly & Me hope that you enjoy it very much!! For we worked very hard on it too!!! Thanks for visiting....Cya soon!!

            Once a upon a time, there lived the great Neo-Queen Serenity! Once her young daughter Princess Serenity was born, they bought for her as a birthday gift, the tiny rabbit BrownSugar! She was loved by Serenity for a very long time, until her life was interupted by Prince Edymion, she always worried about Edymion and what is happening to him and soon poor little BrownSugar was forgotten....soon, when Queen Beryl was going to ruin their lives, BrownSugar panicked and tried to hide...however, Neo-Queen Serenity found her hidden amoungst the sheets of Princess Serenity's bed.
            "No, no little musnt go hiding, you must face your fears!" she smiled.
          Little BrownSugar looked at Neo-Queen Serenity as she carried her off towards a box fit for a queen!
            "My little BrownSugar, we must not let you be killed, so...I am sending you off to the Earth, where , hopefully, someone will care for you as Serenity once did, before Edymion came into her life!" she hesistated before placing BrownSugar in the box
            "We are going to miss you a lot my little friend!! I hope to the best for you in the future...." she started crying a little as she placed poor BrownSugar in the box.

             Before the day of the attack, Serenity searched her rooms.
    "Serenity, my dear child, what are you looking for?" she asked frightened to see what Serenity would bring up about BrownSugar.
    "Mother, where is BrownSugar?? I searched everywhere...I wanted to show her to Edymion, so he could take her and keep her safe from any harm!"
    Neo-Queen Serenity hesitated before answering...
        "Well, sit down dear, I'll tell you....I took BrownSugar and sent her to Earth in a special box...." she tried to smile, but the tears in Serenity's eyes made her feel bad.
    "Mother! Why didn't you ask first!" Serenity cried.
    "Well, as you told me, you still going to take her to Earth and give her to is the same thing!" she replied.
        Serenity froze, her mother was right after all.

               Well, as you may know, BrownSugar made it safely to Earth, where Holly found her in the park behind the benches. BrownSugar is now 3009 years old...she can never die, for she is immortal. BrownSugar now lives in Sailor M's Moon Castle, where she is loved by both, Mary and Holly...^-^

                                           The End...
 Well....I hope you enjoyed our little story of BrownSugar!! See, we told you that she was special from any other creature!! ^-^ If you want too, I am going to add a STORY page, where you can send all your stories of your little Adoptees or just of Sailor Moon and the Scouts!! Just EMAIL ME and Holly and I will read them and add them to our home!! k???
                                    Thanks for visiting....I hope enjoyed this story! We are hopefully soon to make more....^-^ hehe....Bye!!!!!!!!

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