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§weet Water Nymphs

                Welcome to my sweet water nymph adoptions!!! ^-^ Please do not take them! However you can get your own at:

Below is my hooded little creature...her name is

She is very smart and knows the future!! ^-^
She could even probably tell you what happens to Darien and Serena in the future!
Now the baby pony and its mommy....
Arent they just adorable??? I think they are!!
The baby's name is Rainbow and the mother's name is Rain!

Dont forget, not to take mine, but get your own!!! k? hehe...
And Last, but not least, is our little hippogryph!!!
Her name is LunaStar!

Isn't it CUTE!!!!!??????

Well, this is all for now...however, we do have one more...
My friend Holly choose this one especially!!
Her name is BrownSugar!!! She is very very special...why??
Wanna learn why??? Well CLICK HERE to find out!!!

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