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~*§ailor Uranus*~

                    Hey! Welcome to the page of Sailor Uranus! Please enjoy the tad, yet nice info on Uranus!!! hehe...^-^

Birthday: January 27, 1978
Japanese Name: Ten'ou Haruka
Meaning: Swinging Cloud and Sky King
Height: 5'8" 
Fav. gem stone: Amber
Uranus is those kind of Senshi that looks more like a boy and even prefers to where one, even if she does ride on a motorcycle! ^-^ However, she is still a girl inside, she may never show it, but she is! She is one brave soldier!!!
*The reason I like her becuz she is the strong, butt kicking type of girl, just like Jupiter, except a tad better at it!!! ^-^

Thanks for coming!
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