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Win My Award!
                                Hey! ^-^ Wanna win an award? It is a special award that I give
        out everyone week, on a Saturday! Each day on through Friday...I will view all the
    pages that are sent to me and will pick the one I think is the best!! ^-^ Sooo if you
        wanna give it a try and see if you can win my award...go right on ahead!! I wish you
    luck! However, you do need to follow some rules!! After you follow the rules and look
        at an example of the Award...Just fill in the form below! k??? Goodluck!!!! ^-^ To view the winners of my award ----> GO HERE

1. No adult graphics! Please!
2. You must have a Homepage...*duh, hehe*
3. No broken links, or graphics
4. Has to at least have something with Fantasy!! ^-^
6. You MUST sign my Guestbook! ^-^
That is it! Those are all the rules, pretty easy...Aint I cool!? hehe....Okay, below is the Award that you can apply for!
Do NOT take this Award and PLACE it on your page!!!
Also, Do NOT take this Award and use it as your own!!!!!
Isnt it pretty??? ^-^
Now all you have to do below is apply for signing the form!!

Win Mary's Award Of Passion!

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