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Created by: Sailor AmyRules

Author's Note: This is story has a gloomy aspect to it, but all in all it's
pretty good, if I do say so myself.


By Kit Ryan

        It was your normal, average Sunday morning. Serena, her friends, her boyfriend
Darien, and her daughter who was visiting them from the future, Rini were going
to the park. When suddenly, as if climbing out of an unseen hole or tunnel, a
figure appeared. It was a girl, about 17 years of age. She had short black hair
and mysterious dark eyes. She wore a Sailor Scout-type outift with a black
collar, black bows, and black skirt. Her boots were like Lita's- only black. She
wore a white mask like Tuxedo Mask's.
        "Who....who are you?" asked Serena, tentatively.
        "I am Midnight, daughter of Prince Darien. I come from the future," said the
girl in a crisp, cool voice that sounded like the night air. Her dark eyes
flashed mysteriously.
        "Daughter of Prince Darien?" asked Serena, slightly confused. "You mean you are
my daughter? Wait a minute! I have two daughters in the future?!"
        "Serena," said Midnight, removing her mask and staring hard at Serena
continued, "I am not your daughter."
        "But...but how?! If your Darien's daughter, you must be my daughter- Darien and
I get married in the can all of this be?!" Serena began to freak
out a little.
        "Where is the one called 'Raye Hino'?" asked Midnight, turning away from Serena
and her rambling-ons.
Amy stepped aside and Raye stepped forward. "I am Raye Hino," said she.
        Tears filled Midnight's eyes. She wiped them away. "You have no idea for how
long I've wanted to meet you....


        "WHA?!" Now Raye began freaking out as Serena fainted dead away.
        "Serena!" cried Darien as he raced over to catch her before Serena hit the
        "Get your hands offa her!!" yelled Lita as she gave Darien a sharp kick.
        "Ow!" Darien yelped.
Mina took Serena and laid her gently on the ground, then joined Amy and Lita in
beating up Darien, calling him a cheater, a traitor, no good, etc, as Raye stood
there, still shocked at the idea that she had a daughter with Darien. Midnight
giggled slightly at the reactions her small talk had had.

        But wait. I'm sure you're thinking something to the effect of, "STOP! STOP!
STOOOOOOOOOOOOOP!! What the bloody hell's goin' on here?!" Am I right? Well, too
bad if you're not, because I'm going to tell you Midnight's history.
        She was born in a house out in the country to Prince Darien and Raye Hino,
friend and gaurdian of Neo-Queen Serenity. You see, two weeks after Darien and
Serena were married, Darien had sex with Raye, and accidentily got her pregnant.
They couldn't have an abortion, because Serenity had owtlawed it. Not wanting
Serena to find out what he had done, Raye said she was ill and went out into the
country. One dark night, Midnight was born. Knowing that Raye would have to go
back to the palace, Darien took the baby to an elderly friend, by the name of
Mrs. Hatheway. Mrs. Hatheway raised the child, and neither Darien nor Raye ever
saw Midnight again.

        On Midnight's 16th birthday, Mrs. Hatheway told Midnight everything about her
past. The next day, Mrs. Hatheway died. Midnight fled to Sailor Pluto's gate
shortly after Mrs. Hatheway's death, and Sailor Pluto trained her and made her a
Sailor Scout. At the age of seventeen, Midnight made an important decision. The
decision to go back in time and meet her mother. For the very first time.
Midnight learned that on the last day of each month, around midnight, a secret
portal opens next to the Time Gate. A time portal that would travel one to any
time period in any place the person who enters it wants to go. Of course, Sailor
Pluto always gaurded this portal with the utmost care. "Somehow," Midnight had
thought, "I've got to get to that portal."
        She waited, silent in the dark, as Sailor Pluto gaurded the gleaming portal.
Midnight quietly ran to the portal. She reached the edge of the portal just as
Sailor Pluto saw her. They stood, face-to-face, the portal between them. The
light from the portal reflected off their faces. Neither moved, each waiting for
the other to make the first move. Midnight went into the portal.
        "No!" Sailor Pluto shouted, but she was powerless to stop it.
        "Goodbye, Setsuna." Midnight said something else, but as she faded away, her
voice faded away as well, and Pluto could not make out what Midnight had said.
        Bitter thoughts did Pluto think as the portal closed. "How is Midnight to get
home?" She had thought angrily. She considered calling the Time Patrol, but then
Midnight would be in serious trouble. "I hope you know what you're doing," Pluto
had sighed as she went back to her regular duties.
        Midnight then found herself in a tunnel. "Must be a time tunnel or something."
That was the invisible tunnel that she climbed out of in the very first
paragraph of this story. Now, Midnight had not the intention of ruining time by
confronting her mother, but she was so caught up in the emotion of it all that
she couldn't help it. She spoke without really thinking.
        Well, that's basically Midnight's history. Anyways, back to the story.

        The next day was a Monday. School for the scouts and Darien, and pre-school for
Rini. Mdnight hung around town that day. That day at school, Serena
acted....different. She wasn't spazzed out, or even angry. She wasn't clumbsy,
didn't eat too much, was polite to everyone(including Melvin!), did her
homework, and just didn't act at all like her normal self. She emptied out her
locker and brought all her books home. After she had done that, she went
outside, where the others were. Amy and Lita had told Midnight about how weird
Serena had acted during school that day. Serena focused her attention on Darien.
"Darien?" said she. "I'm breaking up with you."
        The second those words rolled off Serena's tongue, something verrrrry strange
began to happen to Rini. She became transparent. Not so you could see her
insides, but you could see through her. It was like looking at a ghost! And
then, Rini disappeared forever.
        "Rini?! Midnight, what happened to Rini?!" asked Mina wildly.
        "Since Serena and Darien broke up, Rini was never born. She ceases to exist,"
replied Midnight coolly.
        "Oh." No one knew exactly what to say (I think they were all thanking God that
Rini no longer tortures them, and never will). Serena walked back inside her
        "I've got a bad feeling about Serena..." said Midnight. Then she gasped.
Something sort of clicked in her head. She raced into the house and burst into
Serena's room. Sure enough, there on the bed was Serena- gun to her head.
        "Midnight Power....Make Up!!" Midnight transformed. "Dark Flash!" the room
instantly became dark. Midnight snatched the gun out of Serena's hand just as
the darkness faded away. Serena began to cry. "How'd you know?" she wailed.
        "Well, it was kinda obvious. You were acting way too weird to be mentally

        For the next few days, life went pretty much back to normal for the gang. It
was that Friday, I believe, that Darien worked up all his Courage....and asked
Raye out. She agreed. The second the word "Sure!" escaped Raye's lips, something
strange began to happen to Midnight. She became transparent!
        "What's going on?!" wondered Lita.
        "It's because of Darien and Raye. They're getting together, so Midnight wasn't
born out in the country, in secret, so she never had a reason to come here!
She's being sucked away into the future!" cried Amy.
        "Whoa!" Mina and Lita exclaimed.
        Midnight slowly faded away. "Midnight!" Raye cried as Midnight was blown back
in time. Midnight noticed that there were colors swirling all around her. She
screamed. The scream echoed all around her. She began to age. And as she aged,
she forgot everything that had ever happened to her. Her memories were replaced
by ones of family picnics with Darien and Raye, fun times together, good report
cards, friends, pets, the childhood Midnight had always wanted, all of these new
memories swirled around in her head as she aged. She stopped aging when she
reached about 19.
        THUNK! She felt like she had been dropped. She found herself in a middle to
high-class house, and she was nineteen years old. Her mother and father were
standing over her. "Dear, are you   okay? You passed out for a second."
        "Yeah, I'm fine, mom."
        "Are you sure?" asked Darien.
        "Yeah, I'm okay."

Midnight did not remember anything that had happened. Not Mrs. Hatheway, not
Sailor Pluto and the time portal, not even that she changed the entire course of
history- just by going to meet her mother. Now, since Darien and Serena had
broken up, in the future they did not marry. Raye and Darien marreid 3 years
before Darien would have married Serena. So, Midnight was born earlier, which
explains the strange aging process she went through.
        Little did Midnight know what she had done...

        Scene: 5 years later. 3 years after Neo-Queen Serenity would have declared an
end to nuclear war forever. We see Earth. It is a vast, empty planet without
life. It is black. Grass does not grow, oceans are furiously whipping about.
Acid rain falls from the sky onto the poor dead planet.
        Not a living soul around, except one. One human left. She lays on the ground,
writhering with pain and regret near the remains of a building. "The radiation
will soon kill me," she thinks. Her thoughts drift back to three years before.
She had been too sad to declare end to nuclear war, still sad over Darien. She
had never loved again after that incident. She had made a horrible queen, doing
nothing to help her country, only moping about her lost love. You see, this poor
life lying there is Neo-Queen Serenity. She thinks back, now to the year before.
That year was the one when WWIII (World War 3) began.The nuclear weapons had
destroyed everyone and everything except her...and in a few moments it wouldn't
matter, she'd be dead as well from the radiation which circles the lanet. "It's
all my fault," she thinks. "If only...." and everything faded into darkness.

The End

Author's Notes:

        I designed Midnight on this make-your-own-Sailor-Scout game. I designed her
with Uranus's hair, only black, black colors to her suit, and black boots that
were like Lita's. When looking over my creation, I decided that she looked a
little like Darien. So, I got the idea for a white mask like Tuxedo Mask's. Only
then did I get the idea for her to be Darien and Raye's child. In my original
plan for this story, I didn't plan that Serena'd attempt suicide or that the
world end. In fact, I didn't even have a name for my new character. When I told
the idea to my friend that I met over the Internet, named Kindle, she suggested
the name "Midnight" for the character and "Mrs. Hatheway" for the elderly
friend. Actually, I had thought of making it Darien's mother raising Midnight-
but then I remembered that she's dead. It was my friend Marie who came up with
the idea of something going wrong with time because of Midnight's little trip. I
didn't want to, at first, but the idea slowly appealed to me that I could have
Midnight screw up time a little. I asked Marie how she thought I should make
time be messed up- and she suggested something having to do with the fact that
in the future, Neo-Queen Serenity  ends all war. I took it from there. The part
about Rini easing to exist didn't come to me until a little later- but I'm glad
it did. It lightens the mood of my story a little. ;-) Hope you enjoyed reading
my fanfic, however gloomy it may be to you.