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I do
Started -- March 23, 2000
Ended -- March 26, 2000
Created by -- Sailor M

                        "Rini! OOOooo! You better watch yourself for I am an expert at hidin-go-seek! haha!" Lita bragged.
                        "You can't catch me!" Rini laughed as she ran out of the room.
                        "Ah, it's good to be back to our normal selves again, no more Negaverse!" Mina cried.
                        "Yea! Tonight me and Darien are going out! He won some lottery game and got 325 dollars for it too!" Serena cried.
                        "Wow! That's great Serena, where too? Araba's? Luigi's? I heard those are great romantic resturants for couples!" Mina exclaimed.
                        "Not sure, but I am excited! He said he had a surprise for me!"
                        "Hmm...I wonder what Darien would be cooking up?" Ami replied.
                        "Maybe a shopping spree!!" Mina exclaimed.
                        "Nah...I'd say a cruise." Raye walked in over hearing their conversation.
                        "Hi Raye, what took you so long?" Serena wondered.
                        "My grandpa wanted me to help Chad with something."
                        "Chad? Ewww...he is gross!" Serena cried.
                        "You're telling me! I had to hold his arms from behind and he started laughing and tryed to fool around with me! Yuck!"
                        "Haha! Did you show him a thing or two?" Mina laughed.
                        "You darn right I did! I flipped him over onto his back."
                        "Alright Raye! You go girl!" Serena cried.
                        "So what's everyone doing tonight?" Raye asked.
                        "Darien is going out with Serena!" Mina exclaimed.
                        "Yea! To some resturant!" Ami explained.
                        "But the thing that stumps me is that he has a surprise for me and I'm dieing to know!" Serena cried.
                        "Haha...Lita can't catch me!" Rini yelled as she ran in touching the base.
                        "You're right Rini, I can't catch you even if my life depended on it!" Lita huffed.
                        "Oh my gosh! It's three! Oh man, I'm gonna be late!" Serena cried "See you guys!"
                        "Bye Serena!!"

                        "Lala...a little here and a little there! Ah, just right!" Serena exclaimed as she placed on her makeup getting ready for her big night with Darien.
                        "Serena! Honey, a young handsome man is here!" Her mother called.
                        "Hey Buns...lookin good!"
                        "Serena don't forget your tampons! You may start this month!"
                        "Mother!!! Darien is here!!"
                        "Oh, he don't care! He's a man! Men don't care!!"
                        "Goodbye Mother!"
                        "Have a good night and no playing hookie!"
                        "MOM!" Serena tried to laugh and smile, but she was embarrassed by her mother.
                        "So where do you want to go?"
                        "I dunno...where do you want to go?"
                        " about...the Crystal Crusine?"
                        "OOOooo! Really Darien?! You'll take me there?"
                        "Sure Buns!"
                        "Oh Darien!" She cried hugging him tightly.
                        "Haha! Buns, I love you too!"
                        "Darien...was that the surprise?"
                        "Oh no! Not even close, my love."
                        "Oh gosh Darien! Please tell me!"
                        "Nope, you'll find out later after dinner!"
                        "Ooo! I can't wait!"
                        "So what did you think of dinner?!"
                        "Oh Darien, I loved it!"
                        "Okay, now it's time for the surprise you've been waiting for!"
                        "Oh yes! Show me Darien!"
                        "Close your eyes..." Serena stood with her eyes closed.
                        "Open them..." Carefully Serena opened her eyes and there in front of her was a Diamond ring!
                        "Oh my god!! Darien...It's...It's beautiful!" As she looked down she noticed Darien on one knee.
                        "Serena, we have been together for 4 years and I have been dieing to ask you this question!" Serena almost fainted when she heard the words...
                        "Serena, will you marry me?" Darien asked.
                        "Oh Darien, not only that, but we'll have a family!" Serena cried. "YES! YES! I do!"
                        "I wonder what Serena and Darien are doing?" Lita wondered aloud.
                        "Guys! Guys!" Serena cried running through the door and hugging Rini tightly.
                        "What Serena!?" Mind cried.
                        "Darien! Darien!"
                        "Yea...What about Darien!?" Raye asked impatiently.
                        "He...He...." She paused taking a deep breath.
                        "Just say it!" Rini exclaimed.
                        "He asked me to marry him!" There was a silence in the room.
                        "What? Is that bad?" Serena asked looking at each of them seeing a single tear from each of them.
                        "Oh Serena! That is...That is such wonderful news!!!" Mina cried running up to her and hugging her tightly, as everyone joined around crying out happiness.
                        The day before the wedding, everyone, especially Serena panicked.
                        "Where's Darien!?"
                        "I'm not sure..." Ami replied.
                        "He is suppose to be here for pictures!!"
                        "Hey! Sorry I'm late..."
                        "Hush! Now come on and smile, it's picture time!"
                        "Okay honey!"
                        "Aww...isn't that nice...a big happy family, those wretched Sailor Scouts!" Prince Diamond sneered.
                        "Prince...are we to capture Sailor Moon?!"
                        "Yes...yes...we'll make sure she gets here by tomorrow, my friend."
                        "Prince, may I capture the brat?" Emerald exclaimed.
                *This is my big chance to impress the hunk of my dreams!* she thought.
                        "Hmm...yes, but no fooling around!" he snapped.
                        "Yes, sir!" she replied winking catching his attention.
                    He smiled "Sapphire, send for more wine!" He glanced at Emerald who was flushed red.
                        "Buns...don't worry....the wedding is gonna be fine...I know it!" Darien whispered to her as they took off with the Scouts for some ice cream.
                        "Umm...Darien, tonight is your bachelor party...are you gonna have a ....what I think you are gonna have?"
                        "Buns! Haha! Maybe, but don't worry it may give me practice! Haha!" he joked.
                        "Darien!!!" Serena's face burned red.
                        "Hey love birds, where to next?" Raye cried,
                        "You guys choose!" Darien cried out.
                        "Alright!" Mina exclaimed as she started dancing.
                        "Go Mina!" Lita replied dancing along with her, as everyone laughed, except Raye.
                *Hmm...I feel a evil presence!!!* Quickly Raye cried out
                        "Serena!! Look out!!" With that, Emerald appeared grabbing Serena.
                        "Let me go!!" She cried.
                        "Oh i would do that!" Emerald sneered.
                        "Darien!! Mina! Lita! Ami!! Rini!! LUNA!!!!!!"
                        "SERENA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" With that they vanished into thin air, before any of the Scouts could transform to save her.
                        "Serena!!!" Mina cried as she fell to the ground crying.
                        "Hmm? Where am I?"
                        "Welcome, Sailor Moon...for soo long I wanted revenge and I got it!" a man sneered.
                        "Prince Diamond?!"
                        "At your service, Ma'am!" he replied.
                        "What do you want with me?!" she cried.
                        "Exactly...I am planning to take over this place and with your help, I shall succeed!" He laughed.
                        "Never! I'll never fight with you...I'm not sharing the crystal!" she yelled.
                        "Well, princess, you see, if you don't, each of your friends lose their precious power!"
                        "No!! NEVER!!!"
                        "Seeze the power of each scout until they groan with pain!" He replied.
               *What am I to do? Somehow, I have to win either way!*
                        "Wait! I'll help, but do you swear not to harm my friends?"
                        "Yes, with a kiss."
                        "Never! I'm getting married!" She cried.
                        "Emerald! Seeze the power of each scout until they are on the ground in pain!"
                        "No!!" she cried running up to him. *Forgive me Darien!* she cried inside as she kissed Prince Diamond on the lips.
                        "There ya go!" he sneered. *I'll never forget myself for doing that!* she thought to herself.
              *That brat will pay for kissing my man!!* Emerald said inside herself filling with rage.

OH darn! This is all I have! Sry....but you are gonna have to wait till I get done with the rest of the story later! Thank you for reading it and I hope you enjoyed it so far!!!!!! I am hoping to finish it soon! 

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